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best web hosting review: wpx web hosting

WPX Hosting is among the super speed managed WordPress web hosting carriers that can empower your sites with supersonic SSD servers.

If you are upset with the regular occurring downtimes and slow loading speed of your site and searching to migrate to a different host, you must scrutinize this WPX web hosting appraisal.

I will begin by discussing thoroughly the records of this hosting company, important features, pricing, plans, and conclusions based on these and many factors.

I entreat you to take your time and assess each area of this hosting company since it could be the hosting organization that has been making a lot of buzzes in the hosting environment recently.


A Brief History of WPX Hosting

Previously named as Traffic Planet Hosting, WPX Hosting is a fully managed WordPress optimized web hosting company that is co-founded by a time-honored internet guru known as Terry Kyle and Georgi Petrov.

WPX internet hosting began in 2013 with the forename Traffic Planet Hosting which was after modified to WPX Hosting in October 2016.

WPX has been demonstrated as a highly regarded company using offering a strong web hosting in the previous years and is consistently performing great.





Therefore, if you desire to be aware of the features, charges, advantages and disadvantages of this WordPress optimized hosting company, then continue reviewing this WPX hosting.


Why you must join WPX Hosting

  • 99.95% uptime guarantee

  • Daily backups


  • Free configuration of CDN

  • Constant updates

  • 1-click WordPress installation

  • Free site migrations

  • Free email setup

  • 24 x 7 x 365 live chat

  • Daily malware scans


  • Reporting and Statistics feature

  • Clean and Easy to Use Dashboard

  • Enterprise-level DDoS protection

  • HTTPS/2 and PHP 7. X enabled

  • Unlimited SSL certificates

Unlimited Free Site Migration

One of the standard things concerning WPX hosting is that it provides free website migration and also the procedure is exceptionally easy to follow. As soon as you buy the hosting plan, the only thing you have to do is to request a price ticket indicating you wish to migrate your website.

In response, WPX hosting will request the credentials of your hosting company.

Then, the WPX hosting company will take care of the rest of the transfer issues.

When they finished with the process, you’ll get an email notification informing you that the process has been completed successfully.

Irrespective of the number of websites you want to migrate WPX company will do it for free.

Free Daily Backup

Many hosting companies don’t make available any backups of any kind for free, however WPX hosting gives you an everyday backup of your entire websites. This means even if you lose all of your website data, it’s far nevertheless viable to get all that information again without a great deal of effort or paying anything extra.

The brilliant aspect of the use of WPX hosting is that they don’t demand even a penny for undertaking daily backups. Every hosting plan is protected by daily backups.

Content Management Systems

An alternative advantage of making use of the WPX hosting is that it will not limit you to making use of WordPress just like the greater part of the WordPress hosting carriers do. Even though it is WordPress boosted, you can choose other CMS that suite your skills and experience.

HostGator Web Hosting

This is particularly helpful for individuals who as of now have an alternate CMS setup, however, they need to transfer their hosting to WPX.

In any case, remember, they’re principally WordPress specialists and you probably won’t get the vital specialized help for different CMS configurations.

Email Services

You can make the same number of email addresses as you need. You can advance the email delivers to your Gmail address if you need it.

You can likewise allocate the capacity for every one of the email boxes with the goal that they won’t go through all the webspace gave to you.

In case you need, you can likewise get to the mail application from the program URL.

I incline toward including WPX SMTP subtleties in Gmail to empower direct steering of my WPX messages to Gmail inbox which maintains a strategic distance from the deferral of the email conveyance caused if there should arise an occurrence of sending the sends.






WPX Hosting Pricing Details 

WPX hosting offers 3 plans, these are:

Business Plan and Price

  • Begins with 10 GB of storage space.
  • Host up to 5 websites.
  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • Price: $24.99/Mo

These are excellent beginner’s specifications, in particular the multi-website hosting, and thoughtful disk space and bandwidth which can take care of excessive degrees of traffic.

Professional Plan and Price

  • 20 GB of disk space
  • Up to 15 websites
  • 200 GB of bandwidth
  • Price: $49.99/Mo

This is an extra forward-thinking account of the business plan, and it offers you further flexibility as you can similarly host 15 active websites at the same time devoid of any difficulty.

The Professional plan charges $49.99 per month and it gives you committed RAM and SSD (Solid State Drive) servers to boost your blog performance and loading speed.

Elite Plan and Price

  • 40 GB disk space
  • Up to 35 websites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Price: $99/Mo

The Elite plan is the superior plan, and it’s most appropriate for excessive visitor’s sites.

This is the first-rate plan for you if you get loads of visitors to your sites and have been searching for a dedicated hosting carrier that is trustworthy.

Priced at $99 per month the Elite plan gives you additional dedicated RAM and SSD servers to enhance your blog loading speed.





Simple to Navigate Management Dashboard

The WPX Hosting management dashboard also called the admin section has easy to navigate sections.

Every important button is visible. The greatest evident thing with most hosts is that they make the dashboard unreasonably difficult for both newbie and skillful clients. 

The WPX hosting management dashboard is excitingly straightforward. WPX Hosting has placed every button in order of its appropriateness.

Finding various features takes a couple of moments. One thing you can’t take for granted is the support team responsiveness they always show when contacted.

Available FTP

The verified FTP gives you easy to use cPanel are fundamental highlights that the newcomers require for a cool business with the WordPress setup. This hosting organization never rejects any WP plugin you want to use.

Certainly, no outside CDN is required. If you’re operating the WPX cloud, there’s no compelling reason to exploit another CDN plugin or help from destinations like Cloudflare and other CDN providers.

The utmost slice is, even with no outside CDN support, the WPX cloud has exactly the intended effect in giving better execution on your website.





Uptime Reliability – 99.95%

 Another crucial function from their website hosting is 99.95% uptime assurance. This means, practically every time, your sites are up and running with no drawbacks.

WPX hosting mitigate these downsides’ problem by hosting your website with the best data centers across the world.


Besides, WPX company extends a generous 30 days money-back guarantees.

4 reasons uptime reliability is essential for your business.

  • Customer and visitors to your website get fused and would not return because of disappointment.
  • Online businesses have high competition and downtime on your servers can cause revenue loss. Online business currency is “attention”.
  • Failure for the site to load its content equals to nonexistent site.
  • 99% uptime means your website is down for 3.65 days in a year. 7.20 hours in a month for each of 12 months. This can cost your business a huge revenue loss.


WPX recommends you make use of the W3 Total Cache plugin which is essential for clearing cache. Applying a full cache plugin encourages you to employ the rapid hosting that WPX offers you.

Aside from W3 Total Cache, you can likewise use the WP Rocket plugin which is additionally an incredible plugin. Be that as it may, a loading plugin is extremely important to take the site speed to the storm.

Alongside these things, WPX has banded together with Thrive Themes. That implies you can have access to Thrive Theme numerous products. Also, you are qualified for getting one-year free MaxCDN on the entire blog

Quicker loading speed serves worldwide visitors to your site. On the off chance that your site’s serving worldwide visitors, you’ll see a major perfection with WPX Cloud state as WPX Hosting inside tests show elevations of 300% contingent upon the site technique.

As examined above, WPX has hosted as of late accustomed WPX cloud through every one of its clients to expand the site performance on their hosting system.

The top share is; they are not demanding a dime extra for giving WPX cloud. It comes as a free boost to their loyal family of hosts on their platform.

With coverage of more than 20 global zones, WPX hosting gives more than 20 global zones to allow superior performance to your site and excellent visitors’ experience.

Without bias, an increase in global coverage results in speedier loading and improved site performance if your site grows huge traffic.







Website Security Matters

Free SSL certificates: WPX together with LetsEncrypt gives your sites free SSL certificates and handles the renewal of these certificates at fixed intervals on their end.

At the point when the SSL is renewed, you’ll get a notification email just to tell you that the SSL has been renewed.

The SSL certificate is the most significant thing you have to consider. Google normally checks online businesses that do not have an SSL certificate hosted as fictitious.

From a security point of view, SSL is one of the positioning variables in Google.

Websites with SSL certificate have an authority above the websites that do not have an SSL certificate in regard to ranking.

DDoS Safeguard

Against DDoS Attack is guaranteed and it is thought to be one of the most secure hosting organizations on the planet.






Fantastic Client Support

The way to achievement in any business emanates from client management. Client service is the foundation of every good web hosting company.

Despite the modern setting in technology and innovation and ease of processes, there is still a necessity for client support to assist.

The WPX Hosting’s control board is open, with bunches of data and managing tips. Be that as it may, what’s satisfying is the way that the help client support is constantly accessible to carry out the responsibility for their customers.



They ensure things are easy to the degree of everybody. You may experience issues now and then and paying little mind to how experienced you are in innovation, you probably won’t almost certainly handle every one of the issues.

WPX Hosting gives fabulous help, particularly for WordPress clients. Regardless of whether it’s a plugin, topic, or coding related issues, they are consistently there to help you.

This is to empower you to remain concentrated on the other significant parts of your business.

Direct from monitoring and settling any issue with your site, to setting up a divert code, or requesting customer support done, WPX hosting has your back secured for anything at untouched.

However, poor customer service businesses provide these days, you can count on WPX hosting as reliable in terms of client’s support mirage.


Final Thoughts

The backside line on WPX Hosting is that it appears relatively challenging to even locate a lot of unhappy customers with this service.

The general feeling among clients for this web hosting provider is optimistic.

Customers esteem, how swift support team works, and countless testimony has been given in respect to faster speeds on their websites successively migrating to WPX.



The amount charge can also be a little undue for any individual with just a simple website who is starting, but customers with multiple websites will appreciate the power of convenience and savings they can get in addition to having all the resources under one roof.

WPX is a game-changer in cloud hosting for multiple websites.

Just check the above for the ratings from multiple sites by bloggers.

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