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Kinsta hosting review

Picking a WordPress host can be tough, baffling, and tedious. We have a ton of hosting companies out there to choose from, but how do you select the best one that can champion your dream.

For what reason would your choice be based on?

What makes your choice different from the others you did not choose?

Now we’re going to plunge into how Kinsta hosting separates itself and precisely what makes them different in comparison to other hosts you may have subscribed to their services before.

Hence, how about we investigate how Kinsta is extraordinary, explicitly, highlights, and administrations that are remarkable to our platform.

Hence we are to review Kinsta hosting and bring out the intricacies with this hosting company.

The parameters we are going to use to review Kinsta include:

  1. Company Reputation
  2. Uptime Reliability
  3. Price
  4. Distribution of Servers
  5. Features and Resources available in the hosting plan.
  6. Security matters related to hosting.

Company Reputation

Kinsta began its operation in December 2013. The Prime architect is Mark Gavalda, the firm hosts recognized global brands such as Intuit, Ricoh, Ubisoft, ASOS, GE, and others on its servers.

Headquarter: Los Angeles, California, United States.

Office locations: Los Angeles, Budapest, London,

Although the firm possibly will not be the biggest managed WordPress hosting carrier in the industry, Kinsta has a rock-solid feature that needs attention and examination.


Listing Management Tool








WooCommerce Optimized Cache

Kinsta has developed a clear-cut caching rule to boost with widely held plugins, best obviously the WooCommerce.

Their cache rules only cache pages that are static but ignore checkout and account sides that frequently vary for individual visitors.

That leaves your e-commerce website running at optimal speed possible without responsive problems for buyers.

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Top Free Features

Granting that Kinsta’s price set up can look higher, I consider it’s extra cost-effective.

There are several first-class features built-in for free, included are KeyCDN, SSD space, Amazon Route 53, free unlimited basic migrations, all-inclusive developer tools in addition to the point that is based on the Google Cloud Platform.

At this juncture let me show you some prominent attributes that make creating and running a WordPress site super cool at Kinsta:

  • Built-in database search and change tool.
  • HTTP/2 CDN that spreads 29 POPs globally.
  • The daily account backs up and restores site data in one click.
  • Scale as necessary – Kinsta is driven by Google Cloud Platform.
  • In-built DDoS finder, hardware firewalls, and uptime 24-hour care.
  • Include Nginx, PHP 7, HHVM, and MariaDB
  • SSH and Git available only for Business Plans and upper-grade plans.

Setting up a staging area

It has a stress-free staging environment in which you know how to switch among live and staging settings in a simple click.

Free Basic Hosting Migration

Transferring your website to Kinsta is stress-free as the firm will carry that service for you.


Kinsta hosting client support will give a provisional domain to your migrated website and ascertain that all website functions, load time, mapping are done right then go public.

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Uptime Reliability 99.99%

Kinsta hosting provides one of the fastest servers in the hosting industry.

With a wide range of servers distributed across the globe, coupled with the latest hosting technology you can be assured of sturdy website performance.

After you pay $30 every month to have only one WordPress website you can be assured of nothing less than superior service and that’s just exactly Kinsta deliver.

Kinsta hosting test performance we conducted proves beyond every reasonable doubt that they meant business.

In terms of server unwavering quality, our test site went down for not over 0 minutes in August 2019 and scored 100% uptime.

Website speed was similarly noteworthy – the server reaction speed is appraised as “A+” by both Bitcatcha and Uptimerobot.

Google Cloud Platform Made for Speed

Kinsta’s interest in the Google Cloud Platform just as their very own foundation and first-class CDN/DNS managements have fulfilled their agenda with extraordinary outcomes that are freely demonstrated.

Kinsta hosting pride itself with Google-based design for its speed. The company provides several of the state-of-the-art web hosting software.

Kinsta similarly host files through the innovative ZFS file system.

Performance and Global Server Distributions

I expected exceptional standards from Kinsta hosting performance.

The organization is known for its security and quick page loads up times.

That, however, a large portion of the star features is intended to give far superior performance.

20 Distributed Global Servers

The importance of distributed servers across the globe cannot be overemphasized.

For your site, to receive higher traffic and customer visitation, it’s a must to have your content closer to your audience.

It doesn’t mind the way that they present 20 worldwide server farm areas just as that their hosting keeps running on the Google Cloud Platform which is the platform for speed right now.

Proven 99.99%

Kinsta provides proof of its strength with a truly standard 99.9% SLA uptime warranty.

I anticipated that their real performance should be higher, and they support that with the open-source verification statistic of their uptime.

Hesitant believing Kinsta, I ran my very own portion tests just as checked the information from other autonomous assessments.

Right off the bat, as indicated by a huge WordPress hosting performance point of reference study by many bloggers, Kinsta made a clear-cut performance at the prestigious rank in almost every class.


That implies 100% uptime and an amazing burden taking care of scores.

Although there are not many other long-haul records of their uptimes, the practically complete absence of client agitation is proven fact.

Best surveys from clients who transferred from different hosts to Kinsta say they’ve met better-quality performance.


Ease of Use







Sleek Dashboard “MyKinsta”

Kinsta has a customized control panel, branded as MyKinsta, which is extraordinary in various techniques.

The procedure of setting up the domain and installing WordPress and using KeyCDN tools are just simple.

For a newbie, you may have to contact support and also rely on the knowledge base for most of the functions that are beyond your understanding. But for someone who has had to build a website before its straight to the point.

I valued the minor hints, such that Kinsta brings up-to-date information on the development of connecting your CDN.

You’ll receive detailed information on how to moving your DNS management to Kinsta.

You’ll be able to take advantage of this by adopting Amazon’s Route 53 configurations, for instance, DNS failover and geolocation transmitting.








Kinsta Plans and Prices

The company gives categorized prices for all types of businesses including smaller businesses as well as enterprise.

What’s exceptional with Kinsta is that the key resources and features are available across all of its service plans. You don’t necessarily have to upgrade to acquire access to a certain feature.

The focal variances between the plans are that the SSD space grows with the respective grade of the package, in addition to the number of WordPress websites customers can host.

Choice of Plans and Selection Clarity

You can select from 10 hosting suites. There are monthly selections, but if you’re prepared to pay a yearly advance, Kinsta will give you a reduction of two months of the hosting.

The lowest plan begins with only one website. The highest plan which falls under Enterprise can host up to 100 websites. Customers can request for a quote from the customer support team if they require additional custom-made plans.

Kinsta restricts you to between 20,000 to 1,500,000 visitors subject to your chosen plan.

Respectively, plans are priced concerning how customers receive monthly visitors to their websites rather than by bandwidth. If you exceed your visitor limit, your website stays online, nevertheless you’ll be billed $1 for every 1,000 visits you exceed.

The table below gives you an overview of what to expect when you exceed your normal allocated visitor’s cap.

Exceed Limit by Visitors Extra Cost

5,000                                   $5

15,000                               $15

28,000                               $28

56,000                               $56

100,000                           $100

Kinsta offers free to cancel hosting, meaning you can terminate your hosting any period and still be given a prorated reimbursement for the non-rendered portion of the billing period.

Payment Options

The payment preferences are a little restricted at Kinsta. The single gateway acceptable is the popular credit cards or debit cards:

  •     MasterCard
  •     Visa
  •     Discover
  •     American Express








SSL certificate

Kinsta provides free Let’s Encrypt certificate to all its clients.

Attaching a free or third-party SSL certificate, checking your website uptime, and performing a database can be executed in just a simple click.

Free Daily Backups and Restore Policy

Kinsta hosting provides at least 14 sequential backups at every stage.

You can have control and restore these automatic backups effortlessly from the MyKinsta dashboard.

All plans that Kinsta provides comes with free daily backups.

You have the option to build a manual backup for every different website in your MyKinsta dashboard at every step.

Suppose you have a large website with lively content, it will be useful to subscribe for the hourly backups feature.

Even though other companies provide similar automatic backup, you will require communicating with their customer service team to begin server data restoration.








Excellent Positive Customer Opinion

The general opinion of customers about any hosting organization cannot be overlooked. They play a key role in choosing a good host for your business.

Kinsta is rated among the best-optimized WordPress hosting in the industry by bloggers, reviews blogs, and forums.

Now, the following assembled information gives you a clear picture of the company you are about to choose from.

Well Detailed Knowledge Base

A thriving set of information bases to benefits customers to solve simple server problems and improve speedily in website growth.

Kinsta recognizes this and hosts an all-inclusive knowledge base for those who desire to unravel complications personally.

Money-Back Guarantees

To start with, the great update is that Kinsta gives an unrestricted 30-day money-back warranty for their client’s hosting.

Kinsta service is not bound by any contract, which means you are charged for the service provided only.

The entire corporation’s supplementary services are also protected by a similar warranty commencing the day of purchase.

The majority of hosting carriers don’t cover their money-back warranties to add-ons.

Kinsta is precisely transparent on its refund plan.

Customer Relation and Client Support Matters

Kinsta positively renders great support for their client. With an in-depth knowledge of managed WordPress hosting Kinsta boast of expert WordPress designers and engineers. Entire plans at Kinsta have uptime support of 24 hours a day 7 days a week support availability.

The unique disclosure I noticed with Kinsta’s support is that they don’t provide phone support. I have a preference for live chat, but I see a lot of publics quietly have a preference for phone communication.

Live Chat Available

Kinsta hosting ensures 24/7 live chat with integrated ticketing support, which allows you to carry on the same discussion thru chat or email. You can email them to get a response to your query.

Kinsta is similarly accessible via a popular social network such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They’re active and respond quickly to customer’s queries.

Final Thoughts

Concerning performance, it’s reliably counted amongst the topnotch hosts for several years.

Kinsta provides state-of-the-art infrastructure which assures the maximum levels of security and solidity.

Technically WordPress expert you can rely on.

Transparent and value for money services.

Do we RECOMMEND Kinsta Hosting? YES

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