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Hostinger Review| Which is the Best Hosting Company for Speed, Stability, and Security. Reviews and expert opinion Hostinger · 1. Background ✅ 2· Features ✅ 3. Ease of use ✅  4. Speed 🚀 Security ✅ 5. Performance 🚀

Hostinger presents a wide range of hosting services, starting from the Shared Web hosting to VPS and stretching to Cloud hosting plans. For newbies who simply need to have fun with a free hosting that comes free of charge, you are not left out.

Be that as it may, how does Hostinger locate in Kaunas, Lithuania rock against other hosting services?

Let’s dive into a full review to conclude.

Company Reputation

Hostinger began as an individual organization named “Hosting Media” in 2004. The company modifies its name later on and rolled out in 2007— a famous web hosting service that is free even up to now.

Because of the widespread development and growth, Hostinger proceeded to accomplish an enormous achievement of having 1 million clients in October 2010.

Currently, Hostinger Web Hosting oversees more than 29 million clients in more than 178 countries. And more than 400 staff spread across the globe.

Now, Hostinger propose an exhaustive suite of web hosting services, for example, shared hosting plans, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting plans as well as a web builder for creating your site.







  • Domain Services

Hostinger is a domain name provider notwithstanding web hosting services, so the organization is fit for registering new domain names and accepting a transfer of an existing domain from a different company.

Except for the Single shared, WordPress, and e-commerce plans, all clients get a free domain name as a feature of their bundle. Assuming, be that as it may, you’re not one of their clients, Hostinger sells domain names for $0.99.


  • Search Engine Optimization Toolkit Pro

Another perk to attract you concerning Search Engine ranking is SEO Toolkit Pro. SEO is necessary, particularly in regard to attracting new guests to your webpage

SEO Toolkit Pro enables your webpage to show up in search engine by giving you:

  • Indexing contents in the search engine positions.
  • Search traffic health
  • Help with website improvement for mobile clients
  • Keyword suggestion option.
  • Execute reports
  • Checks and cautions on broken connections, mistakes, and security issues
  • Help with on-page SEO boosts, for example, meta titles and illustrations.



  • WordPress Optimized

Hostinger has WordPress optimized caching plugins and servers prepared to run CMS of choice with the highest speed available in the market.

The single-click installer allows automatic and schedule updates that make the Hostinger an enticing choice.

HostGator Web Hosting
  • Git for all plans

All Hostinger plans accompany the Git variant control storehouse. This gives you the ability to choose the integrated version control system which allows you to track changes made to your website.

  • CronJobs availability

This allows you to schedule scripts, command on the server according to your given parameter.

  • Unique Control Panel

The control panel being used by Hostinger is self-made and it’s unique on its own. If you are familiar with popular cPanel, you’ll be amazed by the hPanel being used by Hostinger.

Though I respect those accomplishments, they infrequently are superior to the existing platform. I spontaneously asked why Hostinger utilize cPanel.



  • Email Hosting

Hostinger provides email hosting, which is excellent if you need to get professional emails with a domain name and you’re not keen on setting up a site.

There are two choices from which you can pick:


Business Email: comes with a 5 GB storage capacity, Calender and task manager, Cloudmark protection, email migration.

Enterprise Email: which gives you all the features in the Business plan plus the additional capacity of 25GB, document and file sharing, HTML email layouts, and alarms and reminder usefulness.

Yearly email hosting also comes with a free domain.

Positive points in favor of Hostinger

  • They give one of the most well-priced unlimited hosting plans available with their top-notch bundle
  • WordPress sites hosted on Hostinger have supersonic speed most especially the cloud and the premium accounts.
  • Their support staff is outstanding, though there may be a few minutes of waiting.
  • Their many years of work experience in the hosting business has enabled them to give 99.9% uptime performance at a low cost.
  • The single-click installs permit even total learners to run a WordPress site on incredible hosting effortlessly.
  • The consideration of a free SSL endorsement urges website admins to make increasingly verify destinations that will rank even higher in Google









Uptime Reliability – 99.97%

Uptime is the most significant thing to look at when choosing a hosting company.

Hostinger appeared to do well in keeping with uptime, though there seem to be few days of downfall.

99.97% uptime more than a half year of checking is anything but an awful outcome; it falls close to the guaranteed 99.99%.

Uptime’s downfall did not fall below the industry standard. Believe it or not, given the happy period it fell in, I didn’t discover an opportunity to record a protest with the host.

Hostinger guarantees 5% repayment of the month-to-month hosting charge at whatever point the uptime SLA is ruptured.



Powerful Server Speed

Performance and Global Server Distributions

Supersonic Speed

The speed of every website is determined primarily by the location of the server and other factors. Hostinger has several datacenters across the globe.

All their data on servers is shielded through manifold stages of fail-safes, RAID-10, daily backups.

Hostinger Data Centers.

  • Committed Resources

Hostinger guarantees definite CPU and RAM control for every one of its 3 shared hosting plans.

This makes them phenomenal for individuals who grow faster.


Comprehending what you are paying for and so on.

It is constantly hard to tell how well such exact resources the board is actualized, however, observing a push to commit certain computational capacity to every client is constantly decent.



  • All SSD Throughout

As far as technology is concerned, Hostiger stays aware of the most recent industry models.

Every one of its servers keeps running on SSDs. Strong state drives are a lot quicker than the more seasoned HDDs, with the goal that’s an incontestable advantage.

  • Inbuilt Cache Manager

Every Hostinger plans have Nginx cache empowered. Not looking further into the details, do the trick to state that Nginx is an incredible and quick web server; it was intended to beat Apache.

At the point when server-side Nginx loading is designed appropriately, which the Hostinger support guaranteed me is the situation, even substance substantial unique blogs must perform perfectly.

  • Daily and Weekly Backups

The Business plan ensures day by day backups, whiles the single shared hosting package backs up your information week after week.

Many would consider this the absolute minimum superior web host service.

I approve of this thought – yet in all actuality, standard backups are not generally given.



Ease of Use







Intuitive Dashboard “hPanel”

How Easy to Use

You’ve presumably never gone over a simple to-utilize web hosting service previously; however, I’ll demonstrate to you that it’s in certainty plausible with hostinger.

A free site builder is a useful tool for beginners; however, the company has cPanel and more than 100 a single tick application installation that truly gives beginners a customizable and manageable site.

The moment you register and confirm your email address, all you have to do is complete the three-step process to create a website.








Price – Cheap and Great Features

Hostinger standout amongst the cheapest web hosting services, however costs will in general differ to some degree dependent on the organization’s present offers.

We began our assessment with the essential Single Shared plan, which begins at $0.99 per month, and were astounded to see the number of features and add-ons available within this plan.

Details of the Hostinger Single Shared Plan: The Cheapest Option $0.99/Mo deal – 4year term.

  • 10 GB SSD storage
  • 100 GB data transfer limit
  • 1 FTP account
  • Easy Website Builder
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • BitNinja DDoS protection
  • Server resources monitoring
  • Multiple PHP version (PHP 5.2 – PHP 7.7)
  • Inodes 200,000
  • Cache Manager
  • No, Let’s Encrypts certificate.

Premium Shared Plan: Details in 4years term

  • Include advanced features of Single Shared hosting
  • More Power Plus Weekly Backups
  • If you need more choices, the Premium Shared Hosting plan provides you the opportunity for an unlimited number of sites and email accounts.
  • You’ll get double as much power and memory, just as unlimited SSD disk storage and data transmission and week after week backup.
  • You’ll additionally get a free domain name.

Business Shared Plan: Optimum Performance and Daily Backups on a 4years term.

The high-grade Business Shared Hosting plan is an incredible choice for the individuals who need a high-speed site, at the same time aren’t prepared to spend for a further developed hosting option.

You will acquire quadruple the amount of processing force and memory as the Single plan, an unlimited share of properties, free domain name, and day by day backup.



Hostinger Cloud Hosting- Cheapest Cloud hosting

  • Unlimited website hosting
  • Unlimited Email account
  • Unlimited customer support – 2/7/365 for all clients
  • Unlimited daily backup 24/7
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • A dedicated IP address
  • A free SSL Certificate
  • Low price – $7.45/Mo

Hostinger Cloud Hosting has 3 plans:

  • Startup: 40GB SSD, 3GB RAM, 2 CPU
  • Professional: 80GB SSD, 6GB RAM, 4 CPU
  • Enterprise: 160GB SSD, 12GB RAM, 6 CPU

Optimum performance than shared hosting

Hostinger’s Cloud Hosting plans are intended to give you the elite of a cloud that connects with the straightforwardness of a shared hosting plan.

Cloud hosting is a decent choice for those who have exceeded the shared hosting option.

Hostinger assures that your hosting will be multiple times speediest, however, the business is the one in control of stressing over the back end.

Hostinger VPS Hosting – Affordable hosting

VPS Hosting gets you amazing servers worked for speed, however, because this is Hostinger we’re discussing, you won’t use up every last cent for any of these plans.

The VPS choices are best for the individuals who need a ton of resources to serve their site rapidly and are alright with the service expected of such plans.

For sure, getting a dedicated IP address is an unquestionable option for business reputation.

VPS hosting clients get full root access which permits you a more noteworthy level of control over your circumstance, and SSDs.

Hostinger VPS has 6 plans to choose from depending on the specifications needed for your website such as:

  • Storage space
  • CPU(s) and computing power
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Supported bandwidth




Hostinger’s VPS plans are semi-managed, which implies that the organization guarantees 100% uptime to its clients.

The organization refers to that a cloud system enables it to be interminably flexible, yet they make no notice of on-request scalability for its clients.

ECommerce Web Hosting

Hostinger offers an awesome e-commerce platform for those looking to host or build dropshipping or any commercial site on a large scale or small scale. They extend from Magento and PrestaShop platforms, just as the WooCommerce plugins for WordPress.

Be aware that these choices are essentially a rebranding of the WordPress shared hosting plans, however, with little modification to help the particular online business function.



Easy Payment Options

Hostinger demand advances payment and gives you several payment gateways, however, the length of years to sign up is your choice.

Note: It’s always advisable to choose long years to save a lot before the price hike catches you.

You can pick between 3-month, 1 year, two years, and four-year contracts.

Remember! The most effective method to get the best deal is by picking an extended contract, you get a bigger saving.

Don’t you think it’s the same with any business? Bulk purchase always has a higher discount. The same with hosting services.

Moreover, if you buy hosting that extends above one year with Hostinger you get rewards, for example, free domain names.

Keep in mind: There is a 30-day unconditional money-back offer.

Payment method includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Bitcoin, and several digital currencies.









Free SSL Certificates

Activating an SSL Certificate is the standard SSL Certificate that comes for free with some other hosting providers, while a Comodo PositiveSSSL Certificate is an enhanced security measure that would cost extra from any provider.

Comodo certification is the best for e-commerce because it inspires the confidence of customers who will need to enter personal information on your site.

We recommend default activation of SSL certificates for smaller, more personal sites.

Hostinger also recently enabled two-factor authentication for its users, which means you can use both your email and phone number to identify yourself as the owner of your account.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra, manual layer of security to each account.









Customer Support Services

There is a huge amount of things that can turn out badly for a client on site building and maintenance.

In reality, client support for Hostinger isn’t balanced as it ought to be. Rather, you get exceptional support after a long pause.

Their client support team is entirely proficient, and they disclose what they’re doing to fix your concern.

Hostinger has a well-versed technology inclined staffs and will give you the option to fix it yourself one day, they truly need to share what they’re doing to solve a similar issue should it arise in the future.



Ask for Assistance

If you need assistance, you can connect with the help desk using email or by presenting a ticket calling for help in your Hostinger Dashboard, or communicating through the Live Chat button.

Live talk is accessible all day, every day.

Knowledge Base

There is a complete start-up guide for clients on any of their services, whoever, the FAQ section answers most of the client’s problems. The information about their hosting accounts are organized under 3 broad categories:

  • Website
  • Domains
  • Generals

Notwithstanding that, they offer a comprehensive tutorial on various hosting topics:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • ECommerce
  • Emails
  • SSL
  • Website building
  • VPS
  • Cloud
  • MySQL
  • DNS
  • CronJobs



Money-Back Guaranteed

Likely, what you are thinking is ‘being there any refund in case their services do not match up to expectation?’ They offer a 30-day unconditional money-back assurance and not like other hosting services that make it difficult to get your refund, you can get in touch with them and reveal to them that your choice wasn’t a solid match for you.

They will review your inquiries and sort you out. 

However, rest assured, you won’t have somebody attempting to lure you or latch you into an agreement.

The 30-day cashback is destined to be without bothering. This makes it an incredible choice for new bloggers.

It’s also a better option for those entrepreneurs who are venturing into new business.

Final Thoughts

We believe they are a fantastic hosting company and offer great services at affordable prices.

Truly, I do suggest Hostinger for a quiet number of reasons.

If you are searching for the best and reliable hosting with no hidden charges, then you can count on Hostinger.

Speed and performance are great too.

A massive number of video tutorials and a great knowledge base make Hostinger an excellent choice.

Do we RECOMMEND Hostinger hosting? YES

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