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Picking a Free Blogging Platform

40 steps that boost website traffic and conversion

It costs nothing to get your own hosting blog, however the intensity of “freedom” is all the same strongly alluding to certain bloggers.

Just like WordPress.com implies you lose the capacity to utilize a few advertisements and how to create funnellose extreme control of the webpage. You won’t probably be able to add the plugins you love which is a major part of having the option to do additional actions and activities on your blog.

❷   Excessive use of Plugins

how to install and uninstall plugin and speed optimization

Plugins are application programs that enable you to do some astonishing activities on your blog. For people with less technical know-how in blogging and computing, plugins are significant, yet they can likewise cause issues for your blog.

Excessive use of plugins can be a key factor in reducing website loading speed, a noteworthy segment of client experience, and a Google positioning checker. There’s no ‘rule’ for what number of plugins you ought to have on a blog.

How to solve plugins slowing down internet speed:

  • Make sure to disable plugins that are unnecessary to run in the background.
  • Use a single plugin that caters to several functions.

❸ Choosing Improper Theme

which wordpress theme is best in terms of speed

Your theme is the format of your blog, the general appearance, and the structure of your webpages.

Excellence is entirely subjective, so the possibility of a ‘terrible theme’ is liable to a how to get more website trafficconclusion. Pick a theme that engagingly shows your content and that is outwardly clear.


❹ Bad Hosting Service

how to choose the best hosting service. the best web hosting provider

Hanging around with a poor web host is a disappointing blogging error to make. Regardless of whether the hosting organization is awful from the earliest point or you exceed their capacities, changing to another host can be an agony.

Ensure your web hosting company has a decent reputation for uptime running, speed load, and excellent client service. A host that powers an excessive number of websites on its hosting servers is going to see a ton of accidents and slower speeds.



❺ No Logo and Favicon

how to create a logo. how to upload favicon image

Take an opportunity to make a logo that is one of a kind and enticing. If you aren’t graphically-disposed, at that point get a couple of thoughts from freelancers on Fiverr before settling on one structure.

Your blog logo can have a major effect on your image. You can make it simpler to reflect your site name and can inform visitor’s brand of your blog.


❻ Writing Low-Quality Content

free webinarComposing normal content isn’t sufficient. Indeed, you require composing quality content for your website.

Besides, the content you compose ought not be duplicated. You ought to deeply dig into the subject matter before you start to compose the content for your blog.

Along these lines, you will in general make unparalleled as well as helpful content for your visitors that are not found on different sites.

In this, the style of composing additionally matters. Your writing must be comprehensible to your readers. Your guests ought to have the option to drive an incentive out of your subject matter.

Keep in mind that quality starts things out and matters the most to your audience. Quality content is the primary motivating factor for your audience.

They will constantly belittle and like your blog once they understand that you generally give out good quality content to them.

❼  Failure to Write Regularly

You have to fuel your blog, by frequently composing good content for it.

All things considered; you can choose the recurrence you need to have for your blog.

You can compose every day, fortnightly, week after week, and month to month or can pick whatever recurrence is reasonable for you.

When you settle on the recurrence, you should remain with it.

Not composing a customary substance for your blog, you will in general lose guests and influence your web index rankings as well.

HostGator Web Hosting

A blog with no crisp content winds up stale and is comparable to an abandoned blog.

Composing standard content is an indispensable component for effective blogging.

It keeps a normal progression of the traffic of guests to your webpage or site.

❽  Disregarding Keyword in Title

A ton of bloggers picks extremely smart or snappy titles, yet they don’t consider keywords.

Keywords can have a major effect to the web crawlers – particularly as long as possible.

Picking a keyword-rich title can have the effect of your post living on and blurring into nothingness.

You certainly need an appealing title, simply ensure it’s significant to your communication.


❾  Low or No Picture in Post

email marketingNot providing enough pictures – There are extremely two blogging botches I see a great deal with pictures.


Pictures could easily compare to numerous bloggers know and it prompts awful websites with too few pictures that simply don’t make a difference.

Pictures are indexed by Google and can add in a ton of inquiry traffic, from Google picture seek as well as by improving your on-page SEO factors. Continuously spare your pictures with keyword-rich record names and try to include alt-titles and portrayals. Google peruses these and it backs up the keyword quality of your page.


Pictures are additionally an extraordinary instrument against the audience limited capacity to focus. Words usually can’t do a picture justice, isn’t that so? Pictures help separate the repetitiveness of perusing long substance, particularly when you can include data in an outward intriguing manner.

❿  Blogging Does Not Make Overnight Riches.

how to make money online. how to make money working online

Numerous individuals begin blogging because they have the bogus idea that, by blogging, they can profit overnight. Truth be told, this is unimaginable.

Despite what might be expected, blogging requires time and persevering endeavors to yield results. All wards on how many guests you get. It takes centered endeavors to advance your blog.

Blogging isn’t just about setting up a blog yet besides envelops a lot of different measurements for it.

Blogging does not give a snappy cash making framework. Having said this, there is a colossal extent of procuring from blogging. Many bloggers are getting a remarkable measure of cash by blogging.

⑪ Failure to Connect with Influencers in your Niche.

influencer marketingImparting your ability and aptitude to different bloggers and sites assembles trust, notoriety, and validity.

The snappiest method to build up a network on the Internet is to share knowledge.

Your visitors can and will originate from other expert sites. Get your foot in the entryway with the best websites in your specialty by doing visitor posts, remarking on their stuff, and requesting to do interviews.

⑫ Failure to respond to comments.

Being a blogger, you post content on your blog and give a chance to your audience to give their input through remarks.

You perpetually have a remarks segment beneath every one of your blog entries.

Remarks are significant to you as it demonstrates the reaction of your audience, their enthusiasm for your blog entries, and their dimension of investment.

Remarks help you to improve your substance as they are normally loaded up with proposals and new thoughts from your audience.

Be that as it may, this isn’t the end of it as you have to answer the remarks posted on your online journals.

Not answering to remarks will in general demoralize your audience from further remarking.

They may even choose not to visit your blog. Not answering remarks negatively affects the prominence of your blog and the traffic means your blog may fall definitely.

⑬  Failure to Promote on Social Media

how to market your blog using social media

On the off chance that you are not marketing your blog via web-based networking media channels, you are passing up a fundamental wellspring of traffic of guests.

Internet-based life, (for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.) Has the capability of carrying an enormous volume of traffic to your blog.

You simply require to effectively market your blog on these Social media destinations.

Failure to market via social networking media channels is one of the greatest missteps done by new bloggers and ought to be evaded no matter what.




⑭  Poor Blog Design

It is another bad error made by new bloggers toward the beginning of their blogging profession.

They choose a free built-in theme such as WordPress being the CMS or proceed to download a free WordPress theme.

Although the subject clearly may look engaging, it comes up short on the class, contact, and intrigue of a top-notch theme.

Also, a premium theme load quicker is responsive, SEO advanced, safe, and useful appealing.

Along these lines, there are clear points of interest with a premium theme for a blog or site.

The appearance of your site or blog is a significant factor in holding the consideration of your guests.



⑮ Failure to republish content.

Republishing is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to improve your more established content, get more cash-flow, and lift tons of traffic.

Shockingly, a couple of bloggers think about republishing and even less do it accurately.

Republishing is the way toward refreshing an old article, adding few synopses and changing the date earlier published to present, and after that hitting publish with the goal that it goes on your blog as another new article. You need to set the date for two or three minutes into the future, so the post doesn’t simply refresh however goes out as another post.

Republishing is an extraordinary chance to improve old articles, however, such a large number of bloggers pass up on the opportunity by essentially changing the date of the article and hitting ‘distribute’.


⑯ Failure to Give Prominence to your Best Content.

Make it simple for the audience to locate your best content. Most blog traffic is new guests and high skip rates mean most leave your website after the principal page. That implies you have to snare them quickly by publishing fascinating content.

Have a ‘Best of’ list in your sidebar and a ‘Read Next‘ list toward the end of each article.

Consistently share your most famous substance via social networking media

Convert your best substance into various media positions for sharing and posting around the web. Advert to and link your best post on your blog landing page

⑰  Failure to Allow Genuine Visitors/Guest posts.

When a few bloggers achieve a specific dimension of accomplishment, they begin dismissing visitor posts from different bloggers. It’s feeble and is harming their very own blog too.

I’m not looking at dismissing the malicious visitor posts you get from item locales or bloggers attempting to assemble links to their affiliate surveys. Those should be paid for as supported posts.

I’m discussing real visitor posts from a blogger in your niche.


Other than helping the blogging network through links, accepting visitor presents expedites new visitors to your blog. That other blogger is going to share their post through their network.

They’re additionally considerably more prone to acknowledge a visitor post from you or link to one of your articles later on.

⑱ Failure to Share Other Bloggers’ Content.

Read through most internet-based life methodology supporters and you’ll see some standard like, “share multiple times other bloggers’ content for each post of your own.”

This thought of curating a scope of substance for your visitors is significant, however, missed by a great deal of bloggers exclusively centered around marketing their very own post.

Sharing other bloggers’ post puts you on their agenda for sharing your posts and help boost that intimacy among bloggers.

Sharing a scope of the post is a genuine service to your visitors. They’ll value it and will confide in you as an impartial person able to give clear information on the subject.

Being a responder of other bloggers’ posts will make you a specialist in the niche, ceaselessly gaining from multiple viewpoints.

⑲ Disregarding List Building

how to do email marketing. best email marketing practices

List Building is perceived as a standout amongst the best techniques for measuring your unwavering visitors.



Be that as it may, most new bloggers neglect plan for the day building.

Truth be told, traffic from records and email advertising is especially generous when contrasted and any kind of traffic. That said, you need to do it accurately.

Additionally, on the off chance that you get punished from Google, at that point likewise, you can get an average measure of traffic and income through email advertising.

In this way, list building ought to be drilled from the earliest starting point itself when you begin your blog.

You should start gathering your visitors’ email addresses when you dispatch your blog. It will assist you with having an incredible list and thus traffic.


⑳  Autobiography Blog

Keep in mind that your visitors need information they can tap into from your blog and not about your lifestyle and show-off of personal wealth accumulated.

Compose a blog post that is engaging, current, as well as valuable.

Except if you’re some way or another straightforwardly important to how valuable, fascinating, or great your blog entries are, don’t make it about yourself. Get the understanding that demonstrating experience is different from showing-off.


㉑ Absence of Commitment

Bogging must be fun and anyone who pursues it as a career or side income job must be committed to it. It doesn’t end with posting content, but it must be managed as caring for a baby ranging from WordPress issues with links and plugins.

㉒ Posting on Too Many Niches.

I trust the single greatest oversight bloggers make is covering an excessive number of subjects. Numerous bloggers need to speak to as wide a group of people as could be expected under the circumstances, so they expound on a heap of points.

The issue with this is the extent of the blog can end up lost and potentially disperse the visitors. Characterizing a couple of key zones that a blog’s entries will cover can finely sharpen the substance and laser-center the learning and skill of the blogger.


㉓  Poor Writing Turn Visitors Away

A blogger’s goal is equivalent to some other offline authors: to attract and keep your visitors. The more visitors, the better. Having said this, there is one certain flame approach to mood killer ordinary and potential audience away: awful writing.

Without hardly lifting a finger and openness of making a blog these days, the significance of good post in getting published has everything except vanished online, at any rate. I recoil in sicken when I discover grammatical errors in a $50 hardcover book from the book shop, or a paper or diary article. However, it’s normal to discover organizing, spelling and linguistic blunders spread all through blog entries and articles distributed online.

Not exclusively do these slip-ups make a post troublesome and unsavory to peruse, they make the direct harder toward getting over, and at least leave the visitors with a not exactly proficient sentiment of the blogger. Of course, great composing is more than linguistically writing sentences that have been spellchecked.


㉔  Disregarding blog SEO

how to do seo in blogging. best seo in blogging

As a necessity, bloggers must ensure they connect with analysts and keep their sites free from nasty remarks. In any case, the most significant thing is that however many individuals as could be expected under the circumstances read posts.

This implies each post uses SEO (website improvement) best practices with the goal that it positions well when the topic of the post is Googled.

I feel disregarding this is the greatest oversight bloggers can make.


Bloggers should ensure their posts have:

1) A clear, keyword-rich title

2) A “permalink” common language and keyword-rich URL.

3) Segment headers that are distinct and use keywords explicit in each area.

4) “Grapple” message (the content that is hyperlinked) that contains keywords pertinent to what’s being linked to

5) self-hosting your blog as opposed to utilizing Blogger or WordPress.com.

Additionally, a blog should have an SEO module like Headspace for WordPress or somehow or another be set up with the goal that bloggers can create their title and meta description labels for every single article.



㉕  A Name is Given to Remember.

Poor blog name or only difficult to recall, Google has said and it’s been affirmed in positioning checks that site names mean considerably less than they used to concerning SEO.

As far as possible, make sure your website name is short and easy to remember. For instance, “factnomics.com” which could mean facts and economics.  Factnomics makes it easy to remember and unique brand.

㉖  Awful URL Structure or Permalinks

This incorporates pointless data– Your permalink or URL structure is how the addresses are organized for each page or article. It begins with https and everything that follows.

㉗ Flooding blog with Sponsored Posts.

Sponsored posts, accepting a post on your blog for requiting, can be a decent income source, however, they can likewise cause SEO and audience issues.

Followers will expect a link back to their site in the post. Most will need that link to be dofollow which is against Google’s standards. It’s not something that is going to hurt your rankings too severely except if you load the blog with a lot of the more supported articles than genuine posts.


㉘  Delay in Monetizing

If there would one say one is questioned, I get most as often as possible about making cash blogging, it’s, “what amount of traffic do I have to begin making money?”

Make sure you begin to monetize your site from onset since you don’t need thousands of visitors to patronize your products but rather single individuals.

There will be some income sources that profit promptly, for example, show advertisements, while others will require bigger numbers and time to get a lot of money flow. Getting those first checks, regardless of how little, is incredible approval of your diligent work as a blogger.

㉙  Failure to use Google Analytics.

Analytics play an important role in measuring the traffic sources and helping us to channel our content to suit the visitors.

Make sure to review Google analytics normally for issues.

This implies signing in to Google Analytics and following a couple of assignments for your blog.



㉚ Failure to Diversify income sources.

If you fail to identify various sources you can monetize your blog, you will miss a great deal of revenue.

I know bloggers depend on affiliate marketing for practically the majority of their revenue. Others sell only ebooks. They may take in good income, however, what happens should that source break?

㉛ Consider Affiliating that Works Best for your Niche.

It’s enticing to pursue the affiliates with the most noteworthy payouts or the most astounding earnings per click (EPC). Those huge payouts will do you positively nothing more than trouble on the off chance that you can’t turn visitors into buyers.

The affiliates you link to from the blog must identify with your subject and tackle a typical issue among your visitors. Normal click-through rates (CTR) from an article with an affiliate are around one-in-twenty visitors and perhaps just one-in-twenty of those hits will result in a commission.



㉜  Poor Arrangement of Advertisements.

So regardless you need to run some show promotions. It’s a speedy and simple wellspring of income and can be an OK wad of cash for enormous sites.

Realize where to put your promotions to get the most cash-flow with a minimal measure of visitor disturbance.

The realistic is shading coded to demonstrate the focuses on a page that draw the most enthusiasm by the audience.

Since most guests will be perusing left-to-right, the left half of the page gets a great deal of consideration.

Spots, where viewers are familiar with seeing content, is additionally significant

The sidebar is totally overlooked by numerous visitors having discovered that is the area loaded up with the most advertisements.



㉝ Overuse of Advertisements

I understand new bloggers love showing promotions since its fast cash. It’s anything but difficult to put your advertisements on Google or another platform.

Show advertisements can cause a ton of issues for bloggers.

In case you’re relying upon advertisements as your essential source of income, you’re likely passing up making however much as could reasonably be expected.

In case you’re just making about a penny for each time you show promotion, the procedure must be to show more advertisements.

㉞  Appalling Registry Structure.

This may seem advance for most bloggers yet keep your index as basic and natural as could be allowed. Try not to put your blog in a registry of the primary area. The sub-classifications and subjects that leave each segment ought to be generally adjusted.

That implies not having all your blog substance or pages under one specific area or subject while different segments have generally minimal behind them. Keep proper distribution of content among the menus of your site.

㉟ Routine Website Review

Site reviews are a procedure of taking a view at all the posts on your blog and tidying up mistakes or feeble substance. It very well may be a long procedure, taking a very long time to complete for more seasoned online journals with many articles, however, it is basic to developing your blog.

A website review begins with a crawler software, that discovers data on each article and page on your blog. The most famous is Screaming Frog which is free for little web sites.

  • A site review will enable you to discover:
  • Redirects that are dead
  • Redundant or Dead pages and links on your blog
  • Missing SEO components like not having an H-labels or meta-description
  • Post on your site that are duplicated or fundamentally the same writing.
  • Short articles and very low time-on-page experience by users.

㊱ Failure to use Google Search Console.

Google Webmaster is presently called ‘Search Console’ however, it’s as yet an extraordinary tool for following your blog’s visitor path control.

It takes under five minutes to link up your site to Search Console. When that is done, you’ll approach an enormous scope of data about your blog.

Google Search Console Shows you the following and more:

  • Mistakes Google has found with your site like links to dead (404) pages
  • How much search traffic you get, impressions, and the post rank for each post
  • The list of keywords for which each postposition.
  • Security issues, web apparatuses and a host of other specialized tips to improve your blog


㊲  Non-off-page SEO method

The disregarded offspring of SEO, off-page SEO is a long procedure and can appear to be a vocation without anyone else’s input.

A great deal of bloggers stays away from off-page SEO because they believe it’s excessively specialized or simply would prefer not to invest the energy.

Off-page SEO is errands you do to elevate and gain links to your articles. These are undertakings like making other media designs, connecting with different bloggers to advance your post, or taking an interest in online forums.

There’s a vicious side of off-page SEO that has given it an awful name among bloggers. Presenting a link to your article in remarks, on forums and low-quality registries may even get you punished by Google.


㊳ Non-on-page SEO plan.

On-page SEO is every one of the things you do inside an article to enhance it for a keyword and show Google that it has the right to be positioned profoundly.

On-page SEO will boost the following, among others:

  • Target keyword or comparable keywords in title, feature and area headings
  • Target keyword or comparable in picture record names, ALT-title and portrayals
  • Target or comparable in first and last passages (or in first/last areas)
  • Using H-labels to feature segment headings and features.
  • A convincing meta-depiction that will pull in hits.
  • A convincing title that will pull in audiences.


Google has gotten very savvy, particularly since it revealed its RankBrain man-made AI, about realizing what an article is about. This makes on-page SEO less significant, however, it’s as yet an unquestionable requirement for ranking your articles.


㊴ Lack of Internal Links

Internal linking is the place you feature message in your article and link it to a related article on your blog. It’s a gigantic factor in the visitor’s experience and getting a good position on Google.

Internal links give your visitors more information and keep them on your site longer

Inner links go around SEO juice to different posts, particularly links from exceptionally positioned posts and your landing page

Inside links help Google discover all the posts on your site and call attention to which articles are most significant for specific keywords (for example which you need to be positioned for explicit keywords)

㉋  Lack of External Links.

External links are those that link two different sites and help other articles’ SEO rank. A great deal of bloggers is insufficient with their outside linking, thinking it’s sharing their SEO juice.

Truth be told, linking to a pertinent and definitive outer source has been demonstrated to help support your very own SEO position for a post.


Blogging is a long journey walk and not everything you’ll get it right the first time. Step by step you learn along as you grow in this business. Implement these measures in your blogging journey to see great changes in your website traffic.

Two heads are better than one, and in the multitude of councils a plan is established. Therefore, let’s know your thought!

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