20 Best Hosting Companies to Choose in 2020 – 2021

Bluehost manages over 2M websites across the globe.


Price starts @ $2.95/mo.

Hostinger  is known for speed and support clarity.


Price starts @ $0.99/mo.

Namecheap  is best for prices and resource allocation.


Price starts @ $1.44/mo.

WPX hosting  is mega hosting company with hi-tech infrastructures.


Price starts @ $20.83/mo.

FastComet  is the playground for professional bloggers.


Price starts @ $6.99/mo.

ScalaHosting  boast of 20X speed servers and price affordability.


Price starts @ $2.99/mo.

Hostgator  is granny in hosting and you can feel safe in support.


Price starts @ $2.75/mo.

Dreamhost is asking you “chicken and egg” who is older.


Price starts @ $2.95/mo.

Flywheel hosting  is great in resource allocation and support for clients.


Price starts @ $15/mo.

Strikingly Hosting boast of powerful website builder and latest tech.


Price starts @ $16/mo.

Liquid Web is performance and security based hosting platform.

HostGator Web Hosting


Price starts @ $19/mo.

Jimdo hosting  is professional hosting company with superb support.


Price starts @ $8/mo.

Network Solutions is a reliable cloud-based hosting platform.


Price starts @ $3.75/mo.

WebhostingPad  is all-in-one unlimited hosting platform.



Price starts @ $1.99/mo.

Cloudways  boast of second to none cloud servers with great professionals.


Price starts @ $10/mo.

Kinsta  provide cloud hosting with security focus. Perfect for businesses.


Price starts @ $30/mo.

GreenGeeks  is perfect for new bloggers and startups looking forward to grow.


Price starts @ $2.95/mo.

TMDHosting  is hosted on speed cloud servers with 17x power


Price starts @ $2.95/mo.

Interserver  has one of the most modern hosting features to power any site.


Price starts @ $2.95/mo.

Hostwinds  is customer focused hosting company with affordable prices


Price starts @ $3.29/mo.

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What is Web Hosting?

A service provider that offers shared hosting or committed hosting of a service or services to clients. Hosting services are regularly utilized for hosting Web destinations yet can likewise be utilized for hosting documents, pictures, games, and comparable substance.

On account of Web webpage hosting services, there are different sorts of hosting accessible:

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Numerous individuals set up their first websites through their ISPs, because it's commonly simple and cheap. Most ISP service bundles incorporate a modest quantity of free webspace, alongside instruments to make and transfer websites rapidly and without any problem. ISP websites are ideal for individuals who need to set up little destinations with lower measures of traffic. In any case, there are normally rate limitations, and most ISPs don't offer a great deal of highlights, so they probably won't be the most ideal decision for a flourishing business website.

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is another acceptable alternative for littler, individual websites. Many free hosting providers offer a wide range of features; some incorporate CGI access and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The disadvantage to most free hosting services is that they are financed by publicizing that shows up on your webpage, so free web hosting so commonly best for the individual, instead of business, websites.


Paid Hosting

With paid hosting, you pay an expense for space and services on a web hosting provider's worker. Month to month expenses can extend from a couple of dollars to a few hundred dollars. Clearly, the higher you pay, the more features you ought to have available to you. Services can incorporate CGI get to, database support, ASP, internet business, SSL, extra space on the worker, additional transfer speed, and the sky is the limit from there.

Domain Hosting

A decent choice for private companies is to pay for domain hosting. Domain hosting permits you to host your site anyplace you like: on an ISP, a free hosting service, or even your worker. You purchase a domain name and have the provider forward all solicitations for that domain to the real web area. This is frequently more affordable than purchasing both the domain and the hosting service, and it permits organizations to mark their URLs.


Collocation is a possibility for organizations that need to run their web workers and machines, however, would prefer not to need to keep up them straightforwardly. With collocation, the website proprietor puts its work on the premises of its ISP or other hosts, where it is put away, kept up, and furnished with a continuous force flexibly. Collocation gives security and insurance to your worker while as yet giving you control of your gear.

Direct Internet Access

Hosting your webpage yourself offers you the most power over your web worker. Organizations with huge server farms or that require high security in each part of their web and Internet access should investigate this sort of hosting.

Hosting Packages and What They Mean to You

The bigger or more mind-boggling a website, the more exhaustive a design bundle it will require. The fundamental ones are separated as follows:

  • Shared

Common web hosting is the fundamental bundle that services offer. Your website sits on a similar server alongside numerous different websites, so you're sharing the server, and some other assets, for example, memory or CPU. These are useful for essential website needs, for example, email sending, document sharing, and base level web-based business destinations. Common hosting is the least expensive and subsequently most astute choice for littler or new companies.

  • VPS

A virtual private server is assigned for your immediate purposes, more than a common server. You despite everything might be sharing a genuine server, however, the service makes a virtual server of your one of a kind. That implies all the assets are yours alone, from memory stockpiling to preparing power and past. This is a more secure and significantly more dependable choice that keeps your site separate from the others while as yet looking after reasonableness.

  • Dedicated

Devoted hosting is as of now another level. Notwithstanding getting your server, devoted hosting lets you assume full responsibility for your server. That implies you have full managerial access and can set things up how you like it. This sort of bundle accompanies an imperial set-up of highlights that may not be fundamental for a wide range of organizations.

  • WordPress

WordPress is a common hosting service that takes into account a more particular customer base. The servers themselves are upgraded unexpectedly, and have highlights that are especially alluring to WordPress execution, for example, quicker burden time, pre-establishment, security includes that work explicitly with WordPress, and WordPress refreshes. This is helpful for organizations that have websites made on WordPress.


10 Factors That You Should Consider In Choosing Hosting Provider

  1. Hardware

You may need to do a touch of perusing (or inquiry posing) to get to the base of this one. What sort of machines do your hosting organization use? Is it accurate to say that they are first in class, out-of-the-crate new machines, or would they, say they are cobbled together from what may be extra parts and chicken wire?

If the hosting organization doesn't state what sort of servers they use, you'll need to ask, since the equipment can influence the exhibition of both their servers and your site.

  1. Option for Upgrade

Any electronic endeavor ought to have its eye on development, so if a hosting organization may experience issues obliging that development it could represent an issue. Does the host have VPS or Dedicated Server arrangements? Will they have the option to effectively update your record? Moving to start with one host then onto the next takes significant time and exertion which could be kept away from if the organization can scale their answers for development.

  1. Control Panel/User Interface

Regardless of whether you're the least technically knowledgeable individual on the planet, there are a few things – introducing WordPress, setting up email, setting up FTP accounts – you ought to have the option to manage without considering your hosting organization's helpline. Does your provider use cPanel or Plesk to make updates and alterations simpler, or do they utilize some awkward interface that nobody can make sense of?

  1. Features/Add-Ons

This region of thought comes down to the accompanying inquiry – What makes this hosting organization extraordinary? What additional motivating force do they furnish to make hosting your site with them only a touch more appealing? Regardless of whether it's numerous server farms, vitality sparing practices, or extra highlights, for example, standard information reinforcements or free domain protection, hosting organizations frequently offers something beyond servers.

  1. Area of Focus/Specialties

Not all web hosts are directly for every extraordinary sort of clients. Some offer incredible shared plans yet don't have arrangements that are useful for developing organizations, while others have extraordinary endeavor arrangements, however aren't an ideal choice for somebody with a little formula blog. Investigate an organization's strength or specialized topic before you purchase, and go with one that comprehends your specific needs as a client.

  1. Price

This is the angle a large portion of us will take a gander from the start while picking a hosting provider; in any case, it shouldn't be the central factor. At the point when you see value contrasts it's useful to recollect the familiar saying that we get what we pay for. Bouncing on the least expensive offer you see isn't the best thought, particularly on the off chance that you depend on your site to bring in cash. Things like non-re-appropriated backing and quality equipment cost cash, and a hosting organization that charges $1.99 every month likely won't offer these highlights.

  1. Tech Specs/Limitations

Take a decent, genuine glance at your site and make sense of what you need it to do. In case you're planning to host a blog, an online business website, rich substance, and recordings, at that point you shouldn't go with the least expensive hosting bundle you can discover. A modest hosting plan presumably won't have the RAM, preparing force, and circle space to serve every one of these necessities, and you'll invest more energy managing personal time or burden issues than you might want.

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  1. Area of Focus/Specialties

Not all web hosts are directly for every single diverse sort of clients. Some offer extraordinary shared plans yet don't have arrangements that are useful for developing organizations, while others have incredible endeavor arrangements yet aren't an ideal choice for somebody with a little formula blog. Investigate an organization's claim to fame or subject matter before you purchase, and go with one that comprehends your specific needs as a client. You can discover audits and proposals on the Web, and a considerable lot of these will discuss a specific organization's qualities and shortcomings.

  1. Technical staffs of the organization

In a great many people's feelings, this is the large one. When my site, for some obscure explanation, goes down, would I be able to call up and get a genuine, live individual on the telephone? What's more, more than that, would they be able to discover what's up and fix it, or if nothing else mentioned to me what I have to do to get my website back on the web?

Before going with a host investigate their notoriety for client care. See what sorts of various ways you can get in touch with them when you need support – email, complementary telephone, visit, etc. It is safe to say that they are staffed day in and day out? Do they re-appropriate help?

  1. Customer Reviews/Satisfaction/Reputation

This is one of those variables that you'll need to get somewhat innovative to get the genuine story on. Do a Google Blog scan for a specific hosting organization, or find them on Twitter – whatever you need to do to perceive what their current (or previous) clients are stating about them. Is it true that they are anything but difficult to contact for help? What's the normal time it takes to react to a ticket? When they discover an issue with a site, what's their game-plan?

Significant Features to Consider When Choosing Hosting Provider

  1. Web Host Server Reliability and Server Uptime

This is the most significant factor to consider before picking the web hosting provider.

It's extremely significant for a web host server to work 24×7 to help the website accessibility over the web. You never need your website to go down in any event, for a very

little timeframe. Along these lines, it critical to have a web host that is working on a ground-breaking server with great equipment and stable system associations. It is energetically prescribed to pick a web host with 99.5% and more uptime score. Anything which is beneath 99% is certainly not a dependable and inadmissible for web hosting.

  1. Addon Domain/Websites Options

If you are a novice blogger or somebody who is buying a web hosting service just because, at that point, it is significant for you to comprehend this element. With the Addon domain alternative, you can run different websites under your single web hosting account.

At the point when you buy a web host, they for the most part give you various plans. For instance, if you are hoping to buy a common hosting (which you maybe if you are setting up a pristine website) at that point you see different shared web hosting alternatives.

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  1. Renewal Cost and Signup Cost

Out of every single diverse kind of hosting plan (Shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated), shared hosting is the most alluring to the new clients because mutual hosting plans are least expensive than some other sort of hosting account. In any case, the inquiry is – Are they extremely modest when you recharge them after your underlying period?

Most hosting service providers sell shared hosting plans at extremely modest rates to new clients however rake in boatloads of cash at the hour of recharging. Also, don't stress over the restoration cost since it's industry-standard nowadays to charge more on reestablishments.

  1. Plugins Freedom

In WordPress, we have something many refer to as "modules" which are the bit of programming that gives extra highlights and usefulness that isn't incorporated with WordPress.

Be that as it may, some modules struggle with how hosting organizations servers and are prohibited by them. Some modules are essentially terrible bits of programming, so they are restricted also.

Be that as it may, some hosting organizations permit you to introduce and analyze as much as you need. Recollect that, WordPress modules are something which helps the usefulness of your website and if any of them is restricted by the web hosting organization on your website then that is an exceptionally huge misfortune for you.

  1. Website Security

Web hosting security is basic for any website. Regardless of whether you have an individual web page that you use essentially to blog every so often or a worldwide, huge scope business, security is of most extreme significance. Security is likely the part of web hosting that is generally significant to everybody.

  1. SSL Certificate

SSL represents the Secure Sockets Layer. SSL gives an encoded way between the program and the webserver. You can tell if an SSL certificate is being used with the sign of a bolted lock image on the location bar alongside the utilization of HTTPS://in the location rather than HTTP://. On the off chance that you run an E-business site, an SSL certificate is a need. It will help keep client data from being taken.

MasterCard or banking numbers, names, addresses, and other individual data will stay secure. At whatever point you have to accumulate individual, delicate data an SSL certificate is an unquestionable requirement.

  1. Backups

Reinforcements ought to be performed normally to ensure your site in the event of an issue or catastrophe. Most hosts give an apparatus in the control board that permits you to back up your site. This ought to be done and you ought not to depend on your host to do as such.

In any case, a host that has sound back up techniques is an or more. Verify how frequently the host backs up their servers, what strategy they use, and where reinforcements are put away.

  1. Website Response Time/Speed

A speedy website implies more guests, more clients, and more benefits. If your outcomes are moderate, your online business could endure. You could be losing a huge number of expected deals and changes.

A quick website implies a superior client experience. It implies cheerful clients, more membership to your mailing list, more online visits, and more individuals sharing your substance and more trust in you and your organization.



  1. User-friendly Account

Representing myself, I like spotless, smooth, easy to use backend. A few people couldn't care less about the plan – they simply need everything to be there and to work. A few people truly couldn't care less about the backend–they need every specialized alternative open for experts (either a recruited engineer or client assistance) to use variances. You can test these things during the time for testing and afterward choose what you need?

Trust me, things are extremely significant on the off chance that you are not kidding about your venture and truly need to take it to another level.

  1. E-Commerce Options

If you are planning to host an E-Commerce website with highlights like – Online Payment Options, Automatic Taxes, Automatic Shipping Support, and so forth at that point it's essential to pick a web host that supports these web-based business highlights. You will require an SSL certificate for your website to give a similar degree of security that banks give to their clients.

Final Thoughts

We have carefully assembled the best hosting providers to make it easy for you in choosing the company to build your dream shop, blog, or craft that you cherish so much.

Go through the list and visit the site for more information and purchasing options available. Remember we've tried and tested these companies for many years before giving our recommendations. Good luck in your journey to be the next super-blogger.

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